RiverKids Team


Nursery Director - Jenny Danielson

Ever since Jenny was in the 6th grade, she has loved helping in the nursery. She's very grateful to have the privilege of coordinating our nursery and to be able to care for our babies. Jenny loves snuggling the babies, playing with the toddlers, and talking with their parents. She's been married to her husband Charlie for 20 years, and they have a 19 yr old son, Matthew. 

Cool Fact: Charlie and Jenny, along with a team of people from the US, recently visited Brazil, where they met a team based out of Brazil. The two teams worked together to distribute water filters to the people living along the Amazon River.



Sonbeams Director - Kimberly Rasanen

Kimberly is married, the mother of one son, Nick. She loves quilting, reading, hiking, and of course children. She has served in the nursery, Sunday school classes, or youth groups through the years at different churches depending on where she has been living (MN, CO, CA).
She grew up in the church and met Jesus at age 4.

Cool Fact: Her Sunday school teacher asked if anyone wanted Jesus in their heart and she didn’t raise her hand. She started crying and wouldn’t leave class because she really did want Jesus in her heart but she had been scared to raise her hand. Kimberly has never forgotten her attentive, patient teacher.

That was a powerful moment in her life and she thinks that influenced her as well to want to make a difference in very young hearts. Each and every child she meets has a special place in her heart and she says she never forgets them. Kimberly loves seeing them grow and is grateful for sharing your precious children with her!