We love to come alongside families


From day one, our purpose in RiverKids is to help our kids find and follow Jesus Christ! In each age group, that looks differently, and we are excited to navigate that journey with you. We believe that our job is to come alongside you, and provide prayer, resources and love. Let’s jump in!


"our purpose in RiverKids is to help our kids find and follow Jesus Christ!" 




Safety is at the top of our list! All of our Staff and Team have been background checked, interviewed, trained and prayerfully considered. If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Cellie our Kids Pastor.  


Nursery | Sunday 9:30AM & 11AM


Nursery is available at both of our services for birth - 3 years (36months). We know how important it is for you to know that your little one is well loved, safe and cared for, so that you can receive all that God has for you. Mrs. Jenny, our Nursery Coordinator, has specifically built a team to serve you and your family. Our nursery team loves to not only play with our littlest members but pray over them too. We look forward to getting to know and love on your little ones. Learn more about our Nursery Director Jenny Danielson.


Sonbeams | Sunday 9:30AM & 11AM


Sonbeams Class is available at both of our services for kids 3 years - Preschool (potty trained). Mrs. Kimberly, our Sonbeams Coordinator, has hand picked a team specifically to meet the ever-changing needs of these fun ages. In Sonbeams, how we connect to Jesus is hands on, full of energy and lots of fun - just like your little Sonbeamer is. We know how important it is to have a foundation in Christ and are excited to partner with you. Learn more about our Early Childhood Director Kimberly Rasanen.


RiverKids | Sunday 9:30AM & 11AM


RiverKids is ALSO available at both services for Kindergarten - 6th Grade. In RiverKids, we love your children exactly as God designed them, while encouraging them to be the maximum expression of who He created them to be. We provide opportunities for all of the kids to engage in the ways most authentic to them. We teach your kids promises provided to them in The Word through large group lessons applicable to their everyday life.  We have games, snacks, puppets, worship and more fun than any adults can handle. Learn more about our Kids Pastor Cellie Dudley.


RiverKids | Wednesdays 6:30PM (School Year)


Wednesdays are a mid-week connect & fun time during the school year. Join us as we explore the Word of God in ways that kids learn best. There is a class for every RiverKid, Sonbeams (preschooler) & Nursery. Come and get all that God has in store for your family. www.facebook.com/riverkidsduluth


RiverKids Events

We love to connect with you all outside of Sundays & Wednesdays. Join us for all the fun you can handle to keep the fun alive; from craft sales, movies nights, messy games nights, beach days, Christmas cookie baking, park play dates and so much more. Like our RiverKids Facebook page to stay in the know on what’s going on and where to go!


Interested in Baby or Child dedication?

If you’re wondering what baby/child dedication is all about, just click here to get our heart concerning this milestone in a child’s life.