about us

Our Purpose
    The River Church exists to help people find and follow Jesus Christ.
Our Mission
Our core values reflect our desire to see the kingdom of God established in our community as well as throughout every nation in the world. These core values come from our understanding of the New Testament Church.


Core Values for Prioritizing Ministry.
1.         We value worship and prayer.   We are committed to establishing God's presence on earth as it is in heaven.
2.         We value diversity.   In being missional, we desire a church that is multi-cultural, multi-ethnic and multi-generational.  
3.         We value missions, both locally and globally.   Our strategy, is to give of our resources and send people out to plant churches and train their people.
4.         We value growth.   We show this by establishing a culture of discipleship and relationships.
5.         We value relevant and practical Bible teaching.   The Bible is our source of faith and a standard for our conduct.
6.         We value financial integrity and generosity.   God entrusts resources to us for the purpose of reinvesting them in our community.
7.         We value serving and leadership.   We are committed to developing each one's gifting and abilities.
We desire that through these clearly defined core values and statements, God will enable us as a local church to see the believers commit to the following shared goals. Each one would...


Protect the unity of the church family.

Share in the responsibilities of the church family.
Serve in the ministries of the church family.
Uphold the reputation of our church family.